Is it possible to lose ten pounds in one week? Actually, it is possible but the process and the results may not exactly be what you assume. official fruta planta That is, you can drop the weight and develop a leaner physique although the ten pounds will be a mix of fat loss and water weight loss. How can this be achieved? A combination of exercise and a reliable diet can deliver these highly desired results. The diet that would support such quick weight loss would be a low carb diet. When you cut back (or outright eliminate) carbohydrates, you alter the body's metabolism so that it shifts to fat burning mode as opposed to carb burning while exercising. As such, engaging in an exercise routine while there are few carbs in the body will burn a tremendous amount of fat. After all, the body will need to burn something to deliver the energy for the workout session and without carbs, the body will burn fat. It is also important to point out that when you cut back on your carb intake, your water weight will drop significantly as well. Carbs promote water retention. The fewer carbohydrates you eat, the less water you will retain. Without the presence of water bloat, a physique will look much leaner and more defined. And is that not what most people would prefer in an appearance? In terms of the actual workout you perform, interval training is an excellent approach. Interval training is a mix of low, medium, and high intensity workouts in the same 20 minute session. This process allows for the burning of a massive amount of calories. When you go high intensity, your heart rate will elevate. When you switch to low intensity right afterwards, your heart rate will lower partially. However, it will remain higher than it would have on a straight low intensity workout. As such, it will make the low intensity workout a better vehicle for calorie and fat burning. Remember, due to the absence of carbohydrates, fat is what will be burned during these exercise programs. The body will need an energy source for the workout and fat is what will be burned as fuel. This is why it is helpful to perform interval training because low carb diets do not lend themselves well to long, endurance based workout programs. However, for short, 20 minute interval based workout sessions a low carb diet and workout combination will deliver results. fruta planta slimming Actually, this is a combination that will deliver some sincerely amazing results. Can these results deliver a loss of ten pounds in a single week? The answer to this query is a resounding yes. The loss will be a mix of fluids and fat and the end result will be a much more defined physique. This is a guarantee. Well, it will be a guarantee if you are willing to work hard at achieving your weight loss goals. Yes, if you put the right effort in you will see the results that you seek to attain.